How many times have you looked at your closet and exclaimed to yourself “I have nothing to wear”. Personally that has happened to me more times that I can count and my closet is bursting to the seams with clothes. I have had to cancel plans because I couldn’t find anything to wear.

I believe this a problem that every girl out there faces once in a while. Despair not it is a problem that can be solved in very simple easy steps of closet organization. I realized I often face this problem because my closet is full of a lot of unnecessary clothing items that I rarely wear. We end up buying a lot of clothes that we rarely or never even wear because maybe the clothing item was really affordable.

Below are the 3 very simple steps that i applied to organize my closet and that has saved me tonnes of time in terms of getting ready.

  1. Take out all the clothes from your closet

  2. Next step is to set up four piles : A)items that you love and wear frequently, B)Items that you want to keep but don’t know why, C)items that do not fit you or are not your style anymore, D)Items that are not in good condition

  3. Last step: Pile A goes back to your closet, Pile B gets packed in boxes or suitcase and kept somewhere at the back of your closet for a period of 30 days if you don’t miss or touch anything in pile B after 30 days donate it, Pile C is donated, Pile D is disposed off as trash.

Try this simple exercise and see how much time you will save picking out your every day outfits.

joy,light and love


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