What’s in your handbag? Women have been carrying handbags as early as from the 1830s. With every hand bag comes different contents. As a lady you carry in your handbag whatever you deem essential to your days’ activities.

My handbag is like my miniature home that I carry around. Home,being all the things that make me feel comfortable. I have been carrying handbags for as long as I can remember, being a 90s kid my dresses as kid came with a handbag so it is safe to say I was introduced to handbags at an early age.

I carry a lot of things in my handbag and sometimes it becomes too heavy and I end up being miserable all day carrying around a big bag sometimes with a lot of unnecessary things in it. I am that girl who will carry an extra pair of sandals and sometimes a pair of pants just to be safe than sorry.


Below are the things I think are necessary in ones hand bag.

  1. Wallet/purse: A wallet is an essential in ones handbag you keep all your business and bank cards and money and identification. Most wallets also come with an information card where you jot down important information like the contacts to your next kin blood type etc incase of any accident
  2. Notebook and pen: My dad once told me a learned person should always have a notebook and pen at all times. A notebook is good to quickly jot down your thoughts ideas or plans plus it is easier to remember something you wrote down on pen paper. Plus a pen comes in handy whenever you go to places that require you to fill out forms and maybe no pen is provide
  3. Make up bag: I find a makeup bag essential since lipstick, eye pencils scattered all over your bag is not a good look. I was once running late so I carried a tube of nail polish that I just threw inside my bag long story short due to the heat and it not being closed properly it poured all over the inside of my handbag. My make up usually consists of lipstick, lip balm,a pad,a miniature bottle of perfume,nail cutter,hand lottion,pocket tissues and wet wipes .all this are essential to freshen up throughout the day.
  4. Umbrella: Once in 2014 I got stranded at Kencom for two hours straight due to a downpour ,so from that day my umbrella has never left my handbag especially with the unpredictable weather in a Nairobi it’s a must have.
  5. Sunglasses: I am a little bit obsessed with sunglasses I have a pair or two in every of my handbags. Every corner you turn in town there is a sunglasses vendor with so many interesting options to choose from so why have a only a pair when you can own ten plus pairs.
  6. Mint chewing gum: This is a must have to keep your  breath fresh and minty all day plus gum helps too when you are feeling nervous.

Those are the absolute must haves in my handbag. What are your hand bag must haves? share in the comments below

joy,light and love




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