I absolutely love thrift shopping merely for the fact that I can land really good pieces at a throw away price. However thrift shopping is not all rosy going through mountains of clothes just to find the perfect piece is no easy task but the promise of a good find makes it all worthwhile.

Have you ever had one of those days when you go thrift shopping and get home tired and with all the wrong kinds of clothes well here are some of the mistakes that might be making?

1.Wrong timing: Thrift shopping is often in open air areas for example Gikomba market. This markets often have specific days when they bring in new stock going on such days is really great because the probability of finding good pieces is higher. It also advisable to go thrift shopping in the early morning hours when the traders are opening their businesses and the temperatures are cooler,plus in the morning your energy levels are high.

2.Going unaccompanied: I like going shopping with a girlfriend or two, because there are often no mirrors in most thrift markets and you will need your friends to tell you if the item you want to purchase looks good on  you or not.

  1. Improper planning: Thrift shopping like any other form of shopping requires proper planning. Before leaving the house budget on how much you are willing to spend and what pieces you are going to look for. Improper planning leads to over spending and buying a lot of unnecessary pieces. I can’t count the number of times I have run of money while shopping and going home with a ton of clothes that I have never worn, all due to not planning prior to going shopping.
  2. Impatience: thrift shopping requires patience to sift through the mountains of clothes to find a good piece. Ever been shopping and some else holds a piece that you really want well, you have to exercise patience and wait them out and when they drop the item you swoop in and take it. Patience is your friend
  3. Wearing of wrong clothing: since thrift shopping requires trying on clothes in the open, I often prefer going shopping in either a maxi dress or a jumpsuit then I can comfortably try on clothes. You also need to be in a comfortable pair of shoes and carry some water and a hat because the sun can get really hot and am pretty sure the thrift market is not one of the places you’ve always dreamt of “shopping till you drop”.

Happy thrift shopping

Joy light and love


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