I cannot count the number of the times i have looked at my closet and couldn’t find anything to wear,not counting the frustration and time wasted by trying to get dressed.My closet is bursting to the seams with clothes no matter how many times i clean it out and donate clothes somehow it always ends up full with a lot of unnecessary clothes that i never even wear.Through some research i stumbled upon a way to create a strong wardrobe that allows you to get dressed for almost any occasion in just a few minutes.

below are the ways to create a strong, chic,modern  and comfortable closet

For this closet you will need six basic pieces.For this illustration i will use two colors black and white. white because it is light,neutral and goes with everything and black because it’s slimming stylish and timeless.

the six basic pieces are

  1. Black vest


  1. white crew neck t shirt/basic plain white tee
  2. black mini skirt in A line shape


  1. white cotton shirt
  2. black blazer


  1. Black pants skinny or straight fit of different texture ie: cotton,leather or denim

For the pieces you can play around with the textures

Now that you have your six staple items next post i will show you how to put together 10 plus different looks to suit different occasions

joy,light and love



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