COLOURS SPEAK:what the colours you wear say about you and your personality


What’s your favorite colour?

Did you know that the colors you wear communicate a message.At one point in your life you have been invited for a job interview,date or a function .So what color should you wear to that job interview you have been called for or that first date

  • Black: ‘black in the new black”.black is the colour of authority and power in addition it will make you appear thinner so if you are going for a first date and you are concerned about having added a pound or two in the wrong place then rock a little black dress.
  • White: I absolutely love white it is light neutral and a huge plus is that it goes with everything.wearing white to an interview projects cleanliness and simplicity.How about showing up for your interview in a pair of black pants and a crisp white cotton shirt.
  • Red: When I think of red I think of valentines day and red roses, the colour of love and intense colour that often stimulates a faster heart beat.wearing it will sure get you noticed but it will make you appear heavier.Since red stimulates a faster heart beat I would not advice wearing it to a job interview but wearing red lipstick to a date is definitely a good idea
    • Green: I love green especially in the shadesof olive,army and khaki  green since they are neutrals.Thinking green you think nature a calming refreshing colour.
    • Blue : thinking of blue I can’t help but miss the ocean a peaceful tranquil colour.”did you know that wearing blue to a job interview symbolizes loyalty and control”
  • Gray : fifty shades of gray, no? gray is a popular colour to wear to an interview it’s gives of an air of confidence and sophistication. Gray is not a distracting colour hence the interviewer can focus on what you have to say rather that what you are wearing

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