Hello beautiful person,

So you are graduating? congratulations!! sister.

Graduation season is almost upon us and you are a last minute person with no idea of what to wear, despair not i got you. My graduation day felt like a trailer of what my wedding day would be in that it was one of the happiest days of my life finally done with the system. All the sleepless nights studying and rushing to meet deadlines were all finally behind me.Every girl on her graduation day should look smashing just to show that you can have brains and beauty too.

My first choice of dress is an A line or a pencil dress an elegant dress keeping in mind that parents will be present and if your parents are like most Kenyan parents then add a bus full of relatives to that,so your aim should be to look elegant and decent.Throw on a pair of gorgeous  shoes, preferable high heels since there will no much walking  at least on this one day strut in a pair of high heels in Uni.You will need a bag to put your few essentials a tiny bag not the big college bag you used to carry your books with.For this you can take advantage of the swanky trend of mini/micro bags.




One can opt to buy a dress or get it custom made.If you are getting it custom my advice to you is to get a reliable trusted tailor who will finish your dress on time.Enjoy your graduation and good luck

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  1. Marjorie says:

    I looove love what you are doing on your blog! Keep up the good work


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