Hello lovely people,

The festive season is upon us. Time sure does fly fast.This festive season is laden with parties most of them involving family and friends that you have not seen in a while.We all have those nosy relatives who are always quick to point out that you have added a pound or two in all the wrong places.Such a buzz kill right?

This season you can put all those worries aside and enjoy the  extra helping of chapati and Nyama choma because i will be telling you how you can use simple fashion tricks to appear leaner, so stick around

  1. All black : an all black look is certified to make one appear thinner.strut this season in a black dress for that Christmas party



2.Accentuate the waist: cinch you waist with a slim belt when wearing dresses.Cinching of the waist will help define your natural waist  which is the narrowest part on your body

3.Mask your problem areas: .If your have tummy is the problem area you can mask that with a peplum top


4.Well fitting clothes: Just because you are big ,doesn’t mean than bigger clothes will make you appear smaller.Wear well fitting clothes made for your body size

5.Colour block dresses: colour block dresses are best for giving a leaner look


6.Good foundation: wear a well fitting bra and invest in shape wear to provide a good foundation for the clothes you will wear and to stream line your silhouette.

Thank you for reading.Enjoy the festive season..

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