Hello lovely boss ladies’

Happy new week.Mondays are not everyone’s favorite day of the week, however you can change all that by how you pick out your outfit of the day,it is said never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad . On Mondays more than any other days i like to exude boss lady in my dressing gives me the feeling that i can handle anything the new week brings my way.

I have put together three outfit inspirational looks to guide you as you pick out your next boss up outfit. I choose to make a black body suit the base of my outfit choices you can style it with a pair of pant or a pencil skirt. Yours doesn’t have to be a body suit it could be a plain white button up cotton shirt,Pick one item from your closet as a base and build up from that.


The mustard colored skirt adds a pop of color to the look
pair up your outfit with a vest coat if you don’t want to wear a blazer.The coat gives off the idea that you put some thought into your all black look

Thanks for reading

until next time stay stylish.

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